Shooks are our brand of short, helpful books that follow a very specific direct-response marketing formula for authoring, publishing and leveraging.

Shooks are a superior type of nonfiction business book to publish for:

  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • CEO's and corporate leaders

Shooks are a superior type of book for consumers because:

  • They are focused on a single topic.
  • They can be read in about an hour.
  • They offer helpful bite sized chunks of information.

Shooks are a superior type of book to publish because:

  • They are faster to write.
  • They are easier to publish.
  • They allow interested readers to take "the next step" with you.





Shooks follow a very specific direct-response marketing recipe that enable you to create an effective and powerful sales tool for your business. Let me describe a few of the important details of shooks, so that you know exactly what I mean.

They are high-quality, printed, paperback books, however, we do create e-shooks, audio shooks and “flip” shooks for online marketing.

We use a slightly smaller “trim size” (the size of the finished book), which is 5.06" x 7.81". This smaller size makes shooks stand out and more portable.

They typically have 100 pages, however, in certain situations we can go as low as 80 pages or as many as 160. This page count allows us to have text on the cover spine so that when it sits on a shelf, somebody can find it easily.

They contain about 10,000–15,000 words. Contrast this to a typical business book that contains 50,000 words or more.

They are designed to be read by the average reader in 60–90 minutes, which means you can have an hour or so of “quiet time” with your readers, where they are focused on your message and getting to know you and how you can help them better.

They take, on average, about 8–12 weeks to create from big idea to printed copies, however, the record is 22 days.

They follow a specific helpful content formula I have developed for optimal readability and response.

They adhere to a specific design formula for maximum attention-grabbing power and physical readability.

They are highly focused on one topic.

Over and over again, we hear how much people love the “pithy power” of shooks.



Rather than creating one long book (which most people will never read completely), we suggest creating a series of shooks that enable you to break up your content so its easier for readers to consume.

My longtime client and elder law attorney, Julie Steinbacher, has done this very successfully with her "You're Not Alone" series of shooks. Instead of one long book on Alzheimer's disease and dementia, Julie created three shooks, including:

  • A shook focused on the person diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.
  • A shook focused on the person's caregiver.
  • A shook focused on the person diagnosed with dementia.

Julie has shared with us that she receives thank you notes from readers because she focused on making her shooks easy and friendly to read.

It’s real-world feedback like this that proves to us shooks are the perfect type of book for today’s consumer. We genuinely believe that many business owners would be much better suited to writing a 100-page book on a specific topic than trying to write a typical bloated book. We know their readers will surely appreciate it.


You can check out Mike's shooks on Amazon here.


The first step to creating your first shook is a no-obligation, fact-finding call with Mike Capuzzi, Founder of Bite Sized Books. This one-on-one call will help him understand what your business and what your goals are. 

There is no obligation on your part until you have decided to become a client. I look forward to hearing from you, and more importantly, working together to design one of the most powerful and effective marketing assets you can create for your business.

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