Bite Sized Books has worked with business owners around the world. From Canada to Australia and from Switzerland to Arizona. Our authors are business owners, who are looking to differentiate their business from their competition, to recognized experts and corporate leaders with a worldwide following.

Let me introduce you to a few of them (and if you prefer to read the shook we created, click on this image):


Writing my first book with Mike’s help was one of the best experiences of my life. Mike knew exactly what I needed to get things moving and get me to the finish line.

Thank you for all your support and guidance! The day my books first arrived, I handed one to a prospect and got them signed up right away! Shooks really work!

—Kyong Lee

What I loved about Mike Capuzzi straight out of the gate was that he practices exactly what he preaches. I first found Mike by purchasing his own "shook and after reading it cover to cover in a single sitting (something I haven’t done in years) not only was I sold on the concept and knew I wanted to work with him, I also immediately knew that I wanted my readers and potential clients to have the same exact experience through reading my own shook. I wasn’t someone who already had a book ‘in the works’ so Mike helped me start from a blank page and guided me on the full journey to published author.

My shook isn’t even available to the public yet and already has resulted in a new high ticket client for my business as well as a lucrative licensing deal just from sending out a few advance copies. Those deals are already worth twice Mike’s fee so the return on investment is already huge. Who know’s what’s going to happen next… I hope my business is ready to handle my Shook being out there in the public domain, exciting times ahead! Thanks Mike.

—Gary White


As soon as I heard about Mike’s shooks, I knew it was the perfect type of book for me to write as my first book. I appreciate the fact that Mike has made the authoring process simple and fast, and I know my prospective clients appreciate the quick read.

I have used my first shook as the primary marketing piece for my ‘Dream 100’ list of clients and have just finished my second shook on easy meditation tips for business owners.

—Adam Weber 


I have been thinking and “fixin” to write a book for years and every time I sat down to write I went blank. I have been in the tax business for over 35 years so I have some knowledge that I knew that would be of interest to share, however I had no clue how to get started.

Have you ever heard that the teacher appears when the student is ready? Well I must have been ready because Mike Capuzzi appeared to teach me that I could do this, write a short book. Working with Mike and the systems he has put together to help me get started and finish up my shook made it very easy. All together it took about 12 weeks from start to finish.

Anybody looking to write a shook should contact Mike, you will be glad you did. Thanks Mike!

—Axel Williams, RTRP



Mike’s approach was completely aligned with what I wanted from my book. A short read that positioned what I did and helped me attract readers who I could potentially convert into consulting customers. As I started working with Mike, it was clear he would be my book publishing Sherpa. My guide to taking me up what felt like this huge mountain and make sure I didn’t take any wrong turns or fall off the cliff.

If you’re looking to leverage a short helpful book in your business, I can’t recommend Mike enough. He’ll help you get where you want to go, much faster than you could all on your own!

—Jeff Goldstein

I was planning to write a book for a long time. Once I saw Mike's offer, I thought he is the right partner.

He provided a clear structure, valuable coaching sessions, tips, and tricks, and most importantly managed the release of e-book and paperback editions.

Thank you, Mike.

—Norbert Farkas


I had contemplated on publishing a book for about 17 years and never had the drive to make this happen until I talked to Mike. The BEST decision I made. Mike made it relatively simple to write, author, and publish my book.

His impeccable desire to help me achieve my goal of becoming an author is priceless. He provided the roadmap and all I had to do was follow it and arrive at my destination.

If you are wanting to become an author, you don't need to look any
further. Mike is the answer. My sincere appreciation to Mike for his guidance and care.

—Dr. Ricardo Guillen

Mike helped us tremendously in creating our first shook. The process was straightforward and Mike is incredibly efficient. He kept us on track and we were able to produce the shook over a few short months.

I Thought This Thing Was Safe is already a hit with potential clients! I would recommend Mike to anyone interested in writing a shook.

—Alison Russell, Esq.


Alison and I had an idea to write a short helpful book about dangerous household products as a way to both expand our products liability practice and to deepen our relationship with the individuals on our “list.”

The process of planning, writing and publishing the “shook” could not have been easier. Mike is a really nice guy and a total professional. The response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive. If you want to do something to set yourself apart from the pack, publish a short helpful book.

—Dan O’Brien, Esq.

As a seasoned author, I have self-published 2 electronic books and worked with a third-party publisher for both print and paperback editions. By far the best and easiest experience was consulting Mike Capuzzi and Bite Sized Books.

He coordinated the cover design and formatting and provided clear directions. The process was easy and quick. I love the result and am getting fabulous feedback. Thank you Mike!

—Dr. Nancy Zare


Mike Capuzzi is a marketing legend and iconic in my world. When I heard he was doing these “shooks” I thought it was a brilliant idea and HAD to do one myself, so I did. I will be doing many others. I could not be happier with the results.

But honestly, it was working with Mike and his calm demeanor, his funny wit, and his experience and professionalism all made for an amazing experience for me and my team.

—Tom Foster

Hiring Mike to assist with your book or marketing is akin to hiring a celebrity to attend a fund raiser for a charitable organization; it may cost more than you want, but the benefits will be 10X or higher shortly after you launch or implement his strategies and techniques garnered from 25+ years in the marketing industry.

The up-front cost is well worth it as the back-end payments will ripple through all aspects of your business. Using his proven, and I would say, scientific formulas, my business secured $265,000+ in investor capital in the first 3-days post launch—a 3,397% return on my initial investment.

—Dominic “Slice” Teich


While it's been suggested that someday I might want to consider writing a book on dental subject matter that the public would understand and enjoy reading, it wasn't until I came across a webinar on something called a “shook” that my interest was peaked. A short, helpful book for the public and prospective patients to chew on and get the real honest scoop would have been impossible without the guidance and expertise of Bite-Sized Books leader, Mike Capuzzi.

Multiple phone sessions, emails and an extremely helpful, easy-to-follow series of modules on his website offered all the information I needed to let my own creative juices flow. From the original idea-percolating session to cover design to marketing your product and everything in-between, Mike Capuzzi is the MAN - period!

—Bruce W. Greenstein, DMD

If you are a business owner of any kind, I highly recommend that you hire Mike Capuzzi and run through his Main Street Author Program.

My business income doubled within 45 days of my shook being published and I had 78 new students sign up for my online courses. I'm still digging through all the emails I've received because of my shook. Hire Mike, build a shook, listen to his advice. You will not be disappointed.

—Janine Bolon


Mike is a very hands on type of guy and really cares about the people he works with. We had calls every week to make sure that I was on the right path during the writing process, and when I went off the path at times, Mike got me right back on track. If I had questions, or needed an idea Mike was one email or phone call away and very responsive. Mike also kept me accountable in getting writing done. After each call, Mike would give me the next action step in what needed to be done for us to keep moving forward.

After working with Mike and completing my book I realized that anybody can write a book, but writing the right type of book that allows you to stand out in your market takes a truly special coach. Mike is that coach for anyone looking to create, not just a book but an authority-building, customer-attraction marketing piece.

—Sukuma Avery

It never occurred to me that I could write a book nor that I had material that would appeal to our dentist target customers.

Thankfully, I first listened to Mike Capuzzi’s teaching on the subject of short books and then made the decision to work with him to create one. My co-author and I are glad we did.

Mike guided us (and prodded us) during the entire process. Working with him to create the plan, content and final book was easy and fast. I highly recommend any serious business owner who wants to get a client-attraction book done to work with Mike.

—Doug Brown


Mike is the best marketing genius hands down. He knows what he is doing when it comes to helping you write your shook. I just published by first shook about a week ago. I can honestly say that I am not a good writer and neither did I envision writing any book. However,

Mike has a system and excellent templates that makes it so easy to follow and within weeks, your shook will be ready. If you want to take your practice to a whole different level and use shook as marketing tool, you cannot afford to do so without Mike.

Thanks Mike. You did your excellent job once again.

—Markwei Boye

I’ve been a client of Mike’s for years, and he has helped me with a number of marketing projects for my practice. When he announced the opportunity to work with him to publish a short book, I immediately said yes because I know his level of professionalism and expertise are top-notch.

Ironically, at the same time as his announcement, another book-publishing expert was trying to get me to work with her, but like I said, as soon as I found out Mike was offering this service, my decision was made.

—Dr. Kevin Flood


Mike Capuzzi is a man of integrity and exceptional insights and ideas. He also has that special character trait of actually doing what he says he is going to do.

Finding key strategic partners for one’s business is one of the surest and safest ways to growing and creating an even more successful business, and you cannot do wrong by partnering and working with Mike Capuzzi.

—Julie Steinbacher, Esq.

Mike was a lot of fun to work with but also very knowledgeable and you know his help not only for the book but also on his marketing expertise really helped me with being able to add some extra elements into marketing of my book as well.

So, it's kind of like a full package deal that Mike brings to the table and I really do appreciate him, and anybody who is thinking about putting a book out for themselves to grow their brand grow their authority then Mike Capuzzi is definitely a guy that you need to work with.

—Matthew Petruso


I’ve known for quite a while that writing a book and using it as a marketing tool would be a great idea. Thus, I first thought about writing my first book several years ago. Unfortunately, I never got to it.

So, when I heard about Mike’s Short Book Success course, I signed up immediately. The course lit the fire I needed to get my book started. However, things really moved ahead quickly when I began working directly with Mike.

His guidance, advice and direction allowed me to finish up on schedule and get my book published. It only took a few weeks! I was particularly impressed by the ability of Mike and his team to have my manuscript expertly edited and to create a fantastic cover design. With the completed work ready to go, I had printed copies on my desk just a few days later. Thank you, Mike.

—Bob Von Stein

My relationship with Mike has now crossed the decade mark. Time and again my time and investment returns themselves 10-fold and more.

His knowledge, insights, and marketing mind increase the result of any project we work on together. His urging to push me to author Sleep Better was a long time push from him, I questioned will my customers actually read a 100 page shook about sleep and the mattress buying process beyond my already published and profitable guides?

The answer was YES, YES, and YES! Sleep Better has become our #1 marketing asset and it's all thanks to Mike. Do not wait years, or even months, to take advantage of Mike's services and offerings - the only thing you'll miss out on is establishing yourself as the true authority in your market and of course the increased profits and sales aren't that bad either!

—Jeff Giagnocavo


I've wanted to write my own book for some time now, but the task has always seemed so daunting. The first and biggest challenge for me has been figuring out how to get started. The second, but no less important, challenge has been the significant cost in getting a book written and published.

Your Main Street Author Program solved both of those problems. Your system provides an easy-to-follow and clear path to success at a price that doesn't break the bank. I am grateful to you for having paved the way and solving my problem in this area.

—Shawn R. Perkins


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